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Business Networking Event


Wednesday, September 18, 2019
6:30 - 8:30 PM


177 Anchor Road, Casselberry, FL 32707

Free admission includes light fare plus wine/beer.

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Parisa Smith

She has been a Seminole County resident for nearly 30 years. She holds degrees both in Engineering (UCF, 1994) and Law (Barry University, 2012). Ms. Shafiee Smith is a partner at the Law Offices of Smith & Kurbatova, which has been providing legal services to various communities in Central Florida since 2013. Her main practice areas are Immigration, Probate, Criminal Defense, and Social Security Disability. She joined IACC in 2015 and continues to serve IACC board as the Legislative Chair.

Faramarz Sadri

Faramarz Sadri is a Central Florida business owner and entrepreneur. He has lived here since 1978. Mr. Sadri is a certified public accountant, a licensed realtor and a licensed general contractor, to name a few of his credentials. Since purchasing the property at Anchor Road in Casselberry, Mr. Sadri has been using the main banquet hall and ancillary facilities to host and sponsor a spectrum of activities. These functions help to promote community development, inter-cultural awareness, and inter-generational interaction within the community of Central Florida. His non-profit corporation, GRACE.Gobal Relief And Care Education, Inc. -- founded in 2012, has hosted internationally recognized speakers at the Regal Events Center. This, as well as other initiatives, are a part of promoting global community development, assimilation of new immigrants and training in education -- including languages, arts, crafts, trades and music, among other disciplines.

Goals & Strategies

Meet Others in Your Industry

Networking offers you a chance to meet other professionals who are aligned with your current business. For instance, if you own a website design company, you may find copywriters, graphic designers, internet providers, and people from other similar businesses. As you meet and develop a stronger relationship with these people, you have businesses you can refer your clients to when they need products or services beyond what you offer. It also gives you a chance to market your services to others. They can refer customers to you when they have a client who needs a website created for them.

Meet Service Providers

The smaller your business, the more likely you are to outsource services, such as accounting, marketing, and legal services. As the owner of a website development firm, your business may not be big enough to justify or need full-time services. However, it is vital you have help with some key functions. Through business networking, you can meet others who can provide the services that you need, such as helping with bookkeeping and taxes or creating an advertising campaign.

Meet People Who Can Help Grow Your Business

In the process of business networking, you will likely meet people who have grown their business and are looking for an opportunity to partner in other companies. These people can offer useful advice, help you solve problems, or invest capital to help your company grow. Considering your website company, you may find internet experts who can help you develop more services to offer your customers, get new clients, and expand your reach. Networking gives you the opportunity to meet people who have experience in growing and operating larger companies.

Meet People That You Can Help

Not only will you find people who can help you, you have knowledge and skills that can help others. In the course of networking, you may be asked many questions about web design. Not only may you find new customers, you will have opportunities to guide others in their website plans. It is important to remember that networking is about giving, not just taking. Share your expertise when you are talking to other professionals. They may not need your services, but they will likely know someone else who does. By being helpful, you may be the person who gets their business referral.


Grow your network and promote your business by meeting with other professionals & business owners
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Parisa Smith
Law Offices of Smith & Kurbatova