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Membership Benefits

Bronze Membership - Free!
Members can benefit from running advertisements sent out to IACC’s subscribers for a minimum of $100 per Ad submitted up to 4 times (Ads must be submitted at least one week apart).

  • No Advance Fee
  • Minimum of $100/up to 4 times, at least one week apart

Silver Membership - $250.00/year
Members can benefit from all benefits under Bronze Membership + 50% discount on Digital Ads and Email Campaigns

  • 50% discount on Digital Ads
  • 50% discount on Email Campaign

Gold Membership - $500.00/year
Gold members can benefit from free digital ads as well as free email campaigns

  • Free Digital Ads
  • Free Email Campaign

Membership Responsibilities

  • All members are encouraged to participate and volunteer in all IACC's events and activities.
  • All members are encouraged to designate a percentage of any transactions that they had through IACC to this organization.
  • All members are encouraged to offer their businesses and services to other fellow members.