Pooyan Balouchian

Dr. Pooyan Balouchian - President

Pooyan Balouchian graduated from UCF with a PhD in Computer Science, majoring in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. His professional career currently involves serving as the Vice President of Data Science at EBG, leading the effort to utilize big data by leveraging AI to extract hidden patterns that help make strategic decisions for the corporation. Pooyan also serves as the CEO/Owner of MaPoo Solutions LLC, a technology company providing AI solutions to government as well as private sectors, including BookIt.com, Expedia, Priceline, Booking.com, among others. He also served as the Systems Engineer at the NASA Gold Mission for two years.

Pooyan spent six years on his PhD at the University of Central Florida’s Computational Imaging Lab, focusing on human brain emulation by leveraging AI and Machine Learning techniques. His efforts led to numerous academic publications in international conference proceedings, eventually graduating in 2020 with his dissertation titled “Learning Context-sensitive Human Emotions in Categorical and Dimensional Domains.” He received a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Eastern Mediterranean University.

Pooyan joined his family in Orlando, FL in 2010 with his wife. He has been serving the Iranian-American community in Central Florida in the positions of Networking Chair, Vice-President and currently President.